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Satyaprem Ki Katha : An Enchanting Tale of Love

. Using the canvas of a love story, director Sameer Vidwans addresses an important issue that has plagued our society for long, and in the process, he blends raw emotions of the young generation, conservative outlook of the elderly, and the shame that middle-class lot has for long lived with.[https://youtu.be/8EPJiFfWRfw ( Link for movie Trailer)]

The story starts with Satyaprem aka Sattu Aggarwal (Kartik Aaryan), a charming, Gujju guy who hasn’t been able to clear his law exams for three years, hasn’t ever dated a girl in his life, but despite being labelled as a loser, carries a heart of gold. He meets Katha (Kiara Advani), a free-spirited, modern and outgoing girl, at a community celebration, and instantly falls for her, though he knows she’s way out of his league, and already in a relationship. But as fate had it planned, they end up marrying each other. While Sattu tries hard to woo Katha, she’s holding on to a secret that’s not easy to let go of. How Sattu uncovers the truth and in the process, gives Katha the courage to come to terms to it, shed her inhibitions and stand up for herself, forms the premise of the story.

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