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Jun 10, 2023


Mangoes are universally loved for their succulent sweetness and tropical allure. While many varieties of mangoes are available worldwide, one particular breed has gained immense fame for its exquisite taste and eye-watering price tag.

Origins of Miyazaki Mangoes: Miyazaki Mangoes originate from the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan, renowned for its high-quality agricultural produce. The region’s ideal climate, fertile soil, and meticulous farming practices contribute to the exceptional taste and appearance of these mangoes. Farmers in Miyazaki employ traditional techniques combined with advanced agricultural technologies to cultivate these prized fruits. The extravagant prices paid for Miyazaki Mangoes have been a subject of fascination and made headlines around the world. In 2019, a pair of these mangoes fetched a staggering 1.5 million yen (approximately $14,000) at an auction in Japan. Such record-breaking auctions add to the allure and mystique surrounding these fruits, attracting collectors, enthusiasts, and investors alike

Miyazaki Mangoes are undoubtedly the epitome of luxury when it comes to tropical fruits. From their exceptional taste and unique characteristics to their exclusivity and staggering prices, these mangoes have captivated the world.

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